Wednesday, 13 August 2014

These are a few of my favorite things

You might not know this about me but I love musicals. I enjoy learning the music and yes, singing along. This all stems from the first musical I fell in love with which is the classic 'Sound of Music'. No childhood is complete without having seen this movie. We've all sung along to ''Doe a deer, a female deer''........right? Julie Andrews is the reason I love musicals to this day.
On the subject of favorite things, here is a list of a few of my current favorite things at random.

This 23 year old Nigerian born is currently a very serious obsession of mine. Everything from his  reggae-dancehall style of music and deep voice to his versace 80's inspired style and great physique. Burna boy represents a uniqueness majorly inspired by the 80s and 90's [my favorite style era].

Here Burna shows off his packs in memory of  the legendary Fela Kuti at Felabration in nigeria last year

He is undoubtedly my favorite male style icon

This hashtag is with reference to how data doesn't last long on smart phones. [Yes, I finally got a smart phone]Its ridiculous how much data we lose without even realising. No Sean you're not the only one feeling it. So please MTC Bring Back Our Data!

The creator of my current favorite hashtag.

This cypher features some of Namibias' youngest hip hop acts. With the likes of 

K'Chinga, Lioness, Skrypt, Aj and Kp Illest. This video is simple but the cypher alone blew me away especially Kp Illest at the end. All that talent in one song? 

Only one person was missing in my opinion and thats Hansolo.The talented 21 year old would have added that something extra. 


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One of my favorite cyphers. 


This Movie is one of my ultimate favorite fashion inspiring movies. Made in 1995 the movie is based on a rich high school girl living in Beaverly Hills. Some awesome fashion statements were made throughout the movie. 




Iggy Azalea used the movie as the theme of her recent music video Fancy.

Kapana Soul Sessions


Kapana Soul sessions is an even started by Slick The dick and  unfortunately only held once a month  and thats where thats where I met my bestie/homeslice/partner in crime and `fellow creative......the gorgeous Bognahn. They play the best hip hop and why not they do have only the best hey play all the best hiphop and why not with awesome DJs like Loudima Dreamer and Anonymous. The last soul sessions was held at the theater school. Click here to find out where the next Kapana soul sessions will be! 

Usually used for uniforms. I am currently obsessing over these colours. Not saying that I'll be sporting a complete khaki outfit anytime soon but I love adding touches of it in my daily outfits. Goes well with light colours and is easy to wear especially if your wardrobe like mine, consists mostly of browns then adding khaki/beige/tan can change an entire outfit. 

This coat is an ideal basic for winter and a must have accessory. I want this so badly. 

I own a hat like this.I wear it on every bad hair day

Lets not forget Khaki pants

From one fashion lover to another, remember that the small details complete your outfit and  keep it simple.

  With love, 
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Back to the 80's

What has my world come to if I am constantly finding myself unknowingly looking like I've just walk out of some 80's detective film. From the bigger hair to the mom jeans, I have no limits. Most recently I have been introducing more shoulder pads into my cupboard.

I am currently on the hunt for the right silk shirt, original Ray-Ban Wayfarers and  a white pair of Penny
Loafers then its hello 21 Jumpstreet.

Now, before I continue I must implore you to listen to this producer.Haven't felt this good about music in a while and I want you to experience this sound. Maloon the Boom of Boyoom Connective

Here is a shoot I most recently modeled and styled late 80's.The photographer Jason Nengola was fun to work with and instantly somehow made me feel extremely comfortable which is an automatic confidence boost. What he lacks in creativity he makes up for in hard work. His style is to keep his pictures as raw as possible but lets let his work speak for himself. Introducing JK Photography.

The beautiful Lukye 

Here are the pictures he took of me

These shorts I bought on the side of the road in Cape Town last year for R50.

This is my favorite corset, wore it before in Comfort = Confidence and again to the Namibian Annual Music Awards. An event I attended this year for the first time. I spent exactly N$300 for my entire look that night and note that I bought nothing new and spent that money only to braid my hair before I left.


For those of us that do not have all the money in the world just yet I have figured out a way to work with what you have. E S T H E R 'S   C L O S E T   E X C H A N G E will allow you to find some variety in an affordable way. Look out for pictures of the last closet exchange I hosted in my next post.

My message to you on this beautiful Tuesday is learn to love your closet and work with what you have.

With love, 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


My very awesome brother created a cool fashion app for the blog......Android users and lovers of this blog, download this app now 

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Paying Tribute III


Today we pay tribute to the late Christopher Wallace, better known as Brooklyn born rapper The Notorious B.I.G. Best known for his legendary songs such as ''Mo money mo problems'' and ''Big Poppa'' but I personally love him , other than his music, for his style. His fashion sense had a bigger influence on hip hop culture than we realise. Although short lived, his career made a great impact on the styles of many other rappers around till this day.

These crazy prints on his shirts Biggie is spotted wearing here some time in '94 have been sported by the likes of  A.S.A.P Rocky

He was one of the first rappers to start rocking bathing apes and definitely lead the way for the rest of today's rappers such as Pharrell.


Biggie wears an iconic Coogi sweater. Similar colourful sweaters have been seen on the backs of rappers like Drake. 


What is Biggie without his GIANNI VERSACE VINTAGE Medusa Sunglasses. This accessory became his trademark and has most recently also become a part of the styles of so many rappers today. 

The Notorious B.I.G. Re-Imagined Wearing Today's Trendiest Clothing

This specific shirt I would personally really want to have. These shirts in the 90s represented the epitome of wealth but now stand for vintage.


The Jesus Piece or pieces. If you think the Game's 'Jesus Piece' album birthed the trend, you're wrong. Biggie inspired this trend over 20 years ago.

Biggie Smalls Hiphop animated GIF

Once again I remind everyone that your personal style is more important than any trend but learning to fuse the two is a skill.

Biggie Biggie Smalls animated GIF

 With love,