Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Back to the 80's

What has my world come to if I am constantly finding myself unknowingly looking like I've just walk out of some 80's detective film. From the bigger hair to the mom jeans, I have no limits. Most recently I have been introducing more shoulder pads into my cupboard.

I am currently on the hunt for the right silk shirt, original Ray-Ban Wayfarers and  a white pair of Penny
Loafers then its hello 21 Jumpstreet.

Now, before I continue I must implore you to listen to this producer.Haven't felt this good about music in a while and I want you to experience this sound. Maloon the Boom of Boyoom Connective

Here is a shoot I most recently modeled and styled late 80's.The photographer Jason Nengola was fun to work with and instantly somehow made me feel extremely comfortable which is an automatic confidence boost. What he lacks in creativity he makes up for in hard work. His style is to keep his pictures as raw as possible but lets let his work speak for himself. Introducing JK Photography.

The beautiful Lukye 

Here are the pictures he took of me

These shorts I bought on the side of the road in Cape Town last year for R50.

This is my favorite corset, wore it before in Comfort = Confidence and again to the Namibian Annual Music Awards. An event I attended this year for the first time. I spent exactly N$300 for my entire look that night and note that I bought nothing new and spent that money only to braid my hair before I left.


For those of us that do not have all the money in the world just yet I have figured out a way to work with what you have. E S T H E R 'S   C L O S E T   E X C H A N G E will allow you to find some variety in an affordable way. Look out for pictures of the last closet exchange I hosted in my next post.

My message to you on this beautiful Tuesday is learn to love your closet and work with what you have.

With love, 

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