Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Remember remember the month of September

After  spending 3 days in hospital for severe constipation the month of september has taught me that change is constant and the guy I thought I'd never stop loving has become the last thing on my mind. 

Another constantly changing thing is trends, they come and go but some last longer than others. I was really hoping peplum would be gone by now.There are only so many ways this trend can be worn before it starts to look tacky and over done. 

A trend I only just got addicted to is leggings. These skin tight instruments of sin quietly crept into my life. It all started the day I found the perfect high wasted pair of black leggings at pep. Anyone who knows me knows that high waisted anything is my weakness. I was once apart of the skeptical few that judged girls for wearing leggings as pants but once I discovered the graceful way of doing it, my new motto became : ''When in doubt, wear leggings.''


"Say hell no to camel-toe"

 With love, 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My personal guide to shopping

Nothing is worse than going shopping and returning home with nothing significant or returning half the things you bought because you have nothing that goes with it. So out of the greatness of my heart I've compiled a personal guide to shopping. Hopefully some of my tips could work for you.

Step 1
Online window shopping

Before you even consider leaving your house I suggest you spend several hours online looking at fashion websites and visiting web pages of the stores you usually shop in. This helps you create a mental picture of what you're looking for and also helps you create a budget (a word I hate using when I'm shopping). 

Step 2
Make time

If you don't make enough time to shop it really defeats the purpose. I usually go shopping early in the morning. As soon as the stores open, that time everything you're looking for is there and in your size. Preferably go by yourself, shopping with a friend usually leaves room for you to second guess yourself and who knows your style better than you.

Step 3
Shop Basics

Shopping for basics means buying important items of clothing that you can build your wardrobe around. To me basics include Black/white tank tops, a good pair of denims, pricey leggings or stalkings, little black dress, simple and versatile flats, denim shorts for summer and a sleek leather jacket or coat for winter.


 Remember your basics are timeless pieces and have been around for a long time. Also they should be in neutral colours as well, makes it easy to pair with what ever crazy colored item you might find. With your these items in your closet you can almost pair anything together.

Step 4
Try it on!!!

This is most probably the most important step. Everything that you even consider buying, try it on. I cannot stress any further how important it is to try on everything you want to buy. Some things may look good on the mannequin but not on you. When trying something on you are checking to see if the cut compliments your silhouette.

Step 5
When in doubt, leave it behind (unless it's a bargain)

I'm such a bargain hunter and by way of being a cheap skate I discovered thrift shopping. With thrifting comes a lot of doubt but if the top in question costs you N$10 then don't doubt it.
When you are out shopping on a students budget on the other hand, its always best to remember that if it doesn't look good in the store it won't work at home. If you are trying to step out of your comfort zone a little then find the confidence in what you're trying to purchase. Ask yourself, does it sit right? Does it send the right message? Does it go with anything else you already own? Is it a basic, a trend or predictable? Finally ask yourself if its worth what you're paying? Trust your gut when answering those questions and you'll leave the store a happy shopper!!

Try these out and please tell me if any of my tips worked for you.

 With love,