Friday, 31 January 2014

Little Vintage Slinger

So  it's that time of the year again. As soon as January ends I start feeling the valentines day pressures. The worse time of the year for a single romantic like me. Believe it or not I choose not to celebrate this day as it has always been a let down. The best valentines day I had in the past 5 years was last year. I was newly single and still learning to adjust to not having anyone to call at the end of the night. My friends and I decided to take ourselfs out for a singles dinner where we were all dressed in black. We had lots of fun despite the fact that we were all really let down by our secret admirers. So I've learnt my lesson, I'm never getting my hopes up for valentines day ever again.


On a much lighter note, I'm running a competition for valentines day. Just because I've given up on this day doesn't mean the rest of you should. Here is how it works.

Share and Motivate 
Simply share my link with 5 friends and motivate them to visit the link and you could stand a chance to win this awesome vintage sling bag (thrifted). Best answer wins. Its that simple.

 Don't forget to tag me. 

Runs till the 13th of February so the winner can that wear it to her date.

My advice to the rest of you hopeful romantics out there is love yourself and look good doing it.

 With love, 


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My Kinda Guy

With the start of the new year I noticed judging by everybody's resolutions or plans that we're all on a quest of happiness. I haven't made any resolutions, because the pressure of a resolution gets to me. This year I want to better myself, every day better than the day before and maybe find love. 
A question I kept getting is what is my type and unfortunately that list is so long and so vague but here is an idea of my favorite type of mens fashion.

Currently I've been obsessing over hipsters. I even went as far as starting a facebook page on Hipsters and Fashion .

I respect people that are bold enough to make fashion statements by being different or ''weird''. Not following the masses where your clothes become uniform. 

When it comes to Hipsters and their fashion its the mens fashion that I'm obsessed with. Lets just say if I met one I'd want a closer look.



From the extreme hairstyles, facial hair, piercings and tattoos to their well tailored suits,bow ties, cool tees nerds and fedoras. I can't even properly express how much I love these styles. 

Celebrity Hipsters and Blipsters (Black Hipsters)


Ryan Gosling

Kanye West

Andre 3000


I guess until Mr. Right comes along I'll continue obsessing over these stylish celebs.

So for the rest of 2014 lets make an effort to stand out and be different by not dressing like the manikin but rather making it your own. What I do is when I shop, I ask myself how I can wear a specific item differently.  I do things like getting a bigger size, wearing it back to front , accessorizing, Wearing a dress as top or a skirt as a dress. There are no limits when it comes to fashion and you should never be afraid to try.


Lastly, another new obsession of mine

Thanks Pandu

With love,