Friday, 14 February 2014

Comfort Equals Confidence

A reader asked me once, how far would I go to look good. I replied saying that I go as far as my comfort takes me. I hate being out and constantly feel the need to adjust your skirt or top the entire night. I mean we've all been there. Those super tight jeans you can hardly breathe in but the make your butt look good or that cute shoe thats nightmare to walk in.

Can you tell how hard it was for me to walk in these shoes?

 I know I've been there. Case in point the time I wore these orange monster heel-less heels a friend offered me to wear on a night out to a club I bearly go to. Feeling the need to fit in I had agreed. Man did I regret that. I hadn't even made it out the parking lot before I nearly tripped over the pavement. Kept it cool and played it off but I was honestly so embarrassed at what just happened and at myself for wearing such high heels to impress a bunch of people I couldn't care less about.

This post isn't here to discourage you from wearing heels, but just to remind everyone to place their comfort above all else. Bottom line is Comfort = Confidence and when you're confident you automatically look good.

For the moment we've all been waiting for

I was supposed to announce the winner yesterday already but ever since my laptop decided to stop working its been very difficult to access the internet
Never the less I made way to deliver the message


 Congratulations Vistorina!!!

Here's what she did......
"So, I felt insanely guilty not giving everybody else a chance at Esther Veii Beukes competitions cos I won last time. But, I saw her, "Final Day..."post and felt no one had really done justice to this amazing blog nor the beautiful purse. So I personally went around my Res and got some of the girls to at least browse through the blog and pick their fave post and took a photo:)) Feel free to do the same, or just check out the really awesome blog on all things fashionistic (that should be a word).. Or other little life happenings we so often overlook and help me win this amazing purse!"


She opeed a photo album on facebook with pictures of the girls in her res reading the blog. 
Post your picture aswell and tag me and I'll post it on this page. 
Please do comment on any of the posts. Would like to hear about your experiences. 
With Love,


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