Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Focus On Photography: AnEli Info-graphic Technologies

A couple of years ago 2 boys were on a high school tour to Cape town when they discovered their talent for photography by taking over 500 pictures which everyone loved with a camera phone. A year later 20 year olds Eddy Kapembe and Dossantos Hindjou got new cameras and registered Aneli Info-graphic Technologies as a company specializing in  IT-Networking, Graphic design and Photography.

Eddy Kapembe

Dossantos Hindjou

The boys came up with the name Aneli  whilst being under a lot of  pressure on the day they registered the company in july. They eventually put both their moms names together. Anna and Elizabeth combined became AnEli.
Currently the boys make most their profit off of wedding photography and are planning to extend their work to Angola in August.

They are however not only limited to weddings, they have done numerous matric farewells and personal photo-shoots.

'' 5 years from now I see us owning a full studio and being renowned photographers in Namibia'' -Hindjou

I know these guys personally and its great to see how much they've developed their talent in the past two years. I finally summed up the courage to do a short photo-shoot with Eddy in the coast two months ago.

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