Tuesday, 22 October 2013

32B or not to Be

Ever get caught stuffing your bra? It was rather very embarrassing as my mom grabs my sock stuffed chest trying to brag to her friends about how much I was growing. Luckily her shock was contained and played off. As for me being a tom boy for most of primary school I was really hoping no one would ever find out, despite the fact that it was just my mom. Little did I know 9 years later I figured out how to dress my little chest.
I am a 32 B and proud! I can only now say this with conviction. When I was younger all the girls considered hot were the ones with the slightly more developed chests. As the years went by I realised that unfortunately their perceptions of what's hot was tainted. To me now learning to love my body and learning to work with my 'so called 'flaws' is what's hot. If you're bottom heavy,short, tall, skinny, athletic, top heavy, heavy all over and you're not hiding under piles of clothes or dressing like everyone else then do it with confidence. Always aim to look and feel great in what you've got, then my friend you've won the war.

As I love fashion I constantly critique people in my mind but I always give props for anyone wearing anything with confidence, that I can say is the biggest fashion statement.

With love,             



  1. hahaha nice article, love the blog its super cute, eneded up reading all of them :) keep it up chika <3

  2. This is really cool Esther!!! Keep them rolling..Awesome..I heart... <3