Thursday, 22 August 2013

Heels, Dogs and Chains

After the recession  I had to learn and master the art of recreating clothes, when making a good impression was the most important thing. As it has become a handy skill in my day to day, learning to make the best of what you have. I still wear tube tops and dresses as skirts and this is the proof.      
This shoot was done by my beautiful friend and alien sister, Bognahn Tarryn (Afreeca).

This isn't a skirt but rather a tube top I bought 2 years ago and wore it as a skirt ever since

Rocking several of my current favorite trends. black and gold, the mock turtle neck, crop top, lenons and strappy heels. 

Say hello to Princess. She lives up the road from my house and was more than willing to help out. 

As we approach september we get closer and closer to the next closet exchange which this year will be combined with the launch of a new boutique called ''Sweet Poppy Boutique'' Watch this space!!!
These shoes will be available at E S T H E R S   C L O S E T   E X C H A N G E
Comment and share to stand a chance to win free participation to the closet exchange.

 With love, 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Knowstyle Lifestyle

Hey trend setters.....Came across a instagram profile called @theksls. This stands for the know style lifestyle. The name got me thinking about what really sets apart a trend setter from a follower. Came to the conclusion that knowing style means being aware of global trends and incorporating that into your own personal style. Also, knowing style means knowing what works for your shape. 
Many of these self proclaimed fashionistas tend to follow trends down to the t. They buy what's hot on TV. Some of us have become puppets of the media constantly imitating what ever's being cast by Hollywood loosing our personal identity in the processes. Lets reflect on what it really means to know style

What is your definition of personal style?

 With love,