Monday, 18 November 2013

......I'm just the first to admit it.

First order of business is thanking everyone that participated in the first part of the festive giveaway and say that choosing a winner wasn't easy until a very persistent reader adamant on winning the rings decided to bombard my facebook timeline with awesome motivation almost every day.

Well done Tori!! We are very very proud. (Julius Malema voice)

You go girl!!

Reuniting with an old friend is great, especially if you meet and its just like old times but we tend to forget its just like old times and after a while you start realising why you stopped being friends in the first place. Its almost the same as getting back with an ex. I believe in moving forward and the only things that should do comebacks is rappers (dead or alive) and fashion eras.

Audrey Hepburn
Biggie Smalls

Most recently I did a shoot with an old friend, Lorraine of Lorraine Alberto Photography Edits. She has her own small business going and she's been doing photography for the past two years and is becoming better by the day. Her motto being ''Let me show you how beautiful and unique I see you.''

We did a photo shoot in a river bed near my house where I used to play growing up with 4 of my closest guy friends in the street, a german shepherd named Keanan and my long lost cousin She-Earl who was by the way also a tom boy. That smelly riverbed in Hochland park was an adventure site to us where we'd play for hours.

The hat was purchased at Mr. Price after some bad decisions at the salon

This corset is what I like to call 'one-size-too-small
-but-was-the-only-one-left' kind of buy. At Mr.Price a year ago. 

 These boots I bought at Jay Jays for N$50 only because they were on sale, 80 percent off or something, not realising I'd never wear them.
I still don't. Giving them till next spring then they're in the pile of closet exchange  items for next year.


 These leather shorts were a best buy my sister and I made at a flee market held at garlic and flowers every first saturday of the month. Cost us less than N$30.
So self conscious of my toes, thats as far as you'll see them.


This group is called 'A is for alpine' and was suggested to me by my very dear friend Teddy. Have become a huge fan.

 With love, 

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