Sunday, 29 December 2013

Paying Tribute II

Seeing that my obsession with the late 80's early 90's has lead me to watching old school hip hop music videos and movies for the past 4 days. Which by the way is what I use as fashion inspiration. I just had to write about a show we all know. Beverly Hills 90210, a show I never really had a chance to be captured by as I was always sent to my room when it came on. Needless to say I felt inspired to show you how far back some of our current favorite trends/styles come from.

 Matching crop tops to your high wasted bottoms, a very popular trend this year.


 Kicking it in combat boots

That black and white striped dress would qualify to be in my wardrobe

There was one character who's style stood out for me the most

Donna Martin, a spoiled Beverly Hills teen with too much money and too much time played by Tori Spelling.
I love her style as a whole, she kept reinventing herself with every outfit but continued to look great.

Love it! Her fashion sense gets two thumbs up from me.

It wasn't all good though. I think the one thing I hated about 90s fashion is the mens fashion back in the day. Over sized blazers and shirts, suit pants that just never sat right and jeans that were for some odd reason too tight in the crotch areas.


Fashion is repetitive and I believe that its up to us to learn from the past and do it better than they did the first time around.

As the year comes to an end I look back and realize I'm still where I was a year ago. Single, not studying what and where I really want to and with no idea what next year has to hold. The most fulfilling thing I've done for myself this year is this blog. It has helped me reach out to you and realize that there are a handful of girls out there that relate to my struggles. Man how time flies, just yesterday I was 16 and madly in love now I'm a 20 year old single black female addicted to retail. 

Here are just a few things 2013 gave us....
''Lets reflect ''

These round frames were very popular this year. 

White Pumps
These shoes became a necessity in all wardrobes. They go with whatever.

Bold lips
Everyone has been more daring with lip colour and I 'm loving it. From fuchsia to all the shades of red to dark purple to brown.


My least favorite trend of the year but has given many girls a sense of elegance and confidence

Everyone from the runway to celebrities to street style has rocked and continues to rock this trend. I'm still on the hunt for that perfect tribal blazer.

Geometrical shapes 

Miguel ft Kendrick Lamar
I first saw these interesting monochromatic patterns on Kendrick Lamar in this music video. He was daring and wore a  Guns, Germs, $teal outfit.

Combat Boots

This unisex trend was very popular this year and this one I must say I've fallen in love with. I don't own a pair because I'm rather picky and I haven't found the perfect pair just yet.

If there's one thing I am looking forward to is the next Closet Exchange. Sunday the 2nd of Febuary, get your stuff ready and be sure not to miss out. 

Happy New Year!!


With love,


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Monday, 18 November 2013

......I'm just the first to admit it.

First order of business is thanking everyone that participated in the first part of the festive giveaway and say that choosing a winner wasn't easy until a very persistent reader adamant on winning the rings decided to bombard my facebook timeline with awesome motivation almost every day.

Well done Tori!! We are very very proud. (Julius Malema voice)

You go girl!!

Reuniting with an old friend is great, especially if you meet and its just like old times but we tend to forget its just like old times and after a while you start realising why you stopped being friends in the first place. Its almost the same as getting back with an ex. I believe in moving forward and the only things that should do comebacks is rappers (dead or alive) and fashion eras.

Audrey Hepburn
Biggie Smalls

Most recently I did a shoot with an old friend, Lorraine of Lorraine Alberto Photography Edits. She has her own small business going and she's been doing photography for the past two years and is becoming better by the day. Her motto being ''Let me show you how beautiful and unique I see you.''

We did a photo shoot in a river bed near my house where I used to play growing up with 4 of my closest guy friends in the street, a german shepherd named Keanan and my long lost cousin She-Earl who was by the way also a tom boy. That smelly riverbed in Hochland park was an adventure site to us where we'd play for hours.

The hat was purchased at Mr. Price after some bad decisions at the salon

This corset is what I like to call 'one-size-too-small
-but-was-the-only-one-left' kind of buy. At Mr.Price a year ago. 

 These boots I bought at Jay Jays for N$50 only because they were on sale, 80 percent off or something, not realising I'd never wear them.
I still don't. Giving them till next spring then they're in the pile of closet exchange  items for next year.


 These leather shorts were a best buy my sister and I made at a flee market held at garlic and flowers every first saturday of the month. Cost us less than N$30.
So self conscious of my toes, thats as far as you'll see them.


This group is called 'A is for alpine' and was suggested to me by my very dear friend Teddy. Have become a huge fan.

 With love, 

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Seems I have been in a super giving mood lately, I think its all the eager beavers and their christmas decorations and festive specials. Well it got me thinking and I guessed why not jump on that train.

My first festive gift are these set of rings from me to one of you out there and to win this prize and more simply just follow these two easy steps

 Share and motivate to share
All you need to do is share my link on either facebook or twitter (Tag me) and motivate 4 friends to visit the link. Thats a little motivation from you about why anyone should visit this blog. Best answer gets the set of rings featured.

Competition runs till November 20 2013

Let the best man Win!!


Thursday, 7 November 2013

.....addicted to retail

This was one of my less inspirational weeks. With exam stress still fresh writing on my blog is a last concern. I today realised how therapeutic it is to spill my beans to you, my faithful reader.
I can't believe its been 3 months and I haven't had the urge to text him. I unfortunately still think about him as evident but more thought of his well being. Breakups are scary and work in phases, I'm at a good place and blogging keeps me busy. 

In other less depressing news in my life my braids are out and for those who don't know I'm a newly natural 4c girl. Ahhh, the struggles of a black girl. Due to being lazy I paid the people at the salon           
N$100 to take out my braids, I then just braided them down for a Cigar and Coiac party on friday and did a twist out on sunday. Now I'm rocking my fro in a hat.

Before: Rocking braids, soft dread (first time)

The handsome man in the stripe shirt is a friend  Jean-Michael Twinplatinumgun. Check out him out sound cloud.

 My hair: Friday
My Hair: Wednesday

Speaking of Wednesday......Outfit post


Denim shirt: Mr Price
Neon Mesh top:Guillotine by Lisa Jaffe
Denim shorts: Mr Price
I own 1 designer piece of clothing and its this top by South African Designer Lisa Jaffe which I even got as a gift. Best believe it'll make another appearance on the blog.

Okay now I dedicate this next song to anyone who relates to the first verse of Kanye West's 'All falls down'. Single black female addicted to retail.


With love,