Thursday, 27 February 2014

Subconsciously Brand-conscious

Are you brand conscious? I wouldn't judge you if you are. I mean who wouldn't want to rock the latest Gucci purse or Prada handbag. I know I wouldn't mind but unfortunately I'm like the other half of you out there faking it till we make it. How about supporting local brands? Affordable and original. Starting out small but I believe its really worth the purchase.

My Top 6 Favorite Namibian Street wear Brands

I admit, I'm not much of an advocate for local anything except Oshikandela and Black Vulcanite. Personally I refuse to support anything just because its local. I will support quality and effort and I would harshly criticize work that isn't. So please understand that the following brands are worth the purchase. Judged on quality and variety of design.

6.Black Excellence


Black Excellence is one of many brands still to come by Pipe Clothing, a fully Namibian brand owned by 3 young graduates, Robert Kamati 22 (CEO), Julius David 22  (Finance Director) and Edward Nailenge 23 (Creative Director) and Ananias Kashikuka (26) Operational manager.

The Prices are
Tops N$150
T-shirts N$200
Sweaters N$300
Hoodies N$350 

Contact:Julius David 0813157942

I love the innovation and the variety of colours of the stock


BuruXa Media is a brainchild of Romeo Sinkala and Wilfred Kuria


BuruXa means 'a marvel' or 'amazing' in Damara. It is a representation of the raw inspiration that exists in Namibia. From heritage to history, trends to patriotism - we aim to capture the ideal that is Namibia: land of the brave.

"Not only are we doing T-shirts we are looking at other forms of media, i.e. Graphic design, illustrations, children's books and comic books. Watch out for BuruXa"

The T-shirts will be launched at the Zenzo Flea Market this Saturday, the  1st March 2014. Please come support the movement. 

I really like the artwork portrayed. I also give two thumbs up with the attention to detail and variety


The Clothing is an exclusive lifestyle brand with a wide range of products.Its a bold and fresh new way to regulate the fashion industry in the creation of remarkable clothing for mens, which includes Graphic tees and shirts as well as a women's and childrens clothing line. 


 "We pay careful attention to detail and maintaining a reputation for providing intelligent innovations in fabrication and design to our  customers.We hope to increase our appeal beyond the core urban customer making this brand a dynasty"

I like how he took Katutura and recreated it into classy.

3.I Run This


"The brand actually started randomly. My cousin Andrew was playing around with some pictures that he edited. When i saw one of them, I told him that if he printed it on a t-shirt I would buy it. The t-shirt gained quite a bit of interest and in mid 2012 we decided to partner up and we created the brand." 

Right now their products are available on their website and, www.irunthis.ecwid for mobile. Orders can also be placed with Andrew at 08169880693 or Asino at 0812211340.

Don't you just love how fresh these designs are. Love it!!


 RFC basically was the logo for my filming production Reggie Films but then he realised on every set that he shot on he always had tons of people there helping him, and so he wanted them to feel more apart of what he did cause he couldn't do what he did without them thus leading him to the idea of creating a new logo which had RFC on it which means Reggie Film Crew. 

 In the beginning it wasn't supposed to be launched as a brand but since the ever growing interest of people wanting a shirt grew it quickly started to change into a Brand.

The brand is 4 Months old now, and it grew tremendously as there is now an online store with Spreadshirts, for international shoppers which are out of the country.

Price of a RFC T-shirt :120 
Price of RFC Sweater 160
Here is a true definition of making something out of nothing. This design is original and every detail has a meaning.
Contact him on the RFC Page

1.Denim Mafia


Basically the brand in itself started when she was in Brooklyn NYC last year and she wanted to design street wear based on three things: casual, sophistication and simplicity.

'' being a graphic designer I'm inspired by typography and prints so I decided to transfer my design on to clothing''

I love how she used typography to create such a simple yet intricate design. Its athletic and the brand is constantly evolving but staying true to its signature look. Need I say more?

Share & Motive

Now for those of you who agree with my list and would like to walk away with one of these shirts, keep your eyes peeled. 

Prizes up for grabs

First prize is this black Denim Mafia shirt
Second Prize is an RFC shirt 
Third prize is either one of these 'I run this' shirt or top, you choose

Here is how it works:
1. share this blog post on the walls of 7 friends
2.Motivate them to visit the blog
3.Tag me as well

Best motivation in order of top 3 wins!!!
Competition ends on the 20th March
Good Luck!

With love, 


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