Tuesday, 16 July 2013

E S T H E R 'S C L O S E T E X C H A N G E

E S T H E R 'S  CL O S E T  E X C H A N G E  is an event I started after always swapping clothes at home with my cousins. We used to exchange clothes for as long as I could remember. What ever I liked in her cupboard I'd offer to trade which finally inspired me to create a formal event which I hosted at home with a small group of 8 girls.

This is how it worked. We did a 6 item exchange and what this means is that everyone attending needs to hand in at least 6 items of clothing. Clothes that you have but never wear or don't like (no t-shirts please) because as they say ''one mans trash is another mans treasure''. 
I then set these clothes up at home and on the day of the exchange the girls would come and pick 6 of whatever they like. If the individual found less things they wanted, whatever was left was donated to a charity.
There was participation fee which covered snacks and drinks and of course my hard work.

After my first closet exchange,expansion was in order. I needed to find a way to reach more people and increase the scale at which it started. In that spirit, the next closet exchange I held at an empty office space which with the help of my friends we recreated into a small boutique like atmosphese.

I encouraged the girls to post pictures of how they eventually pieced together what they found.

Bognahn Tarryn (write-my-curses-in-cursive.blogspot.com )
 Wearing two of her finds from the closet exchange

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  1. OK so I love this idea, it is amazing and well executed:)
    I really want to try this.

  2. Thanks.....you should try it out. host 1 with your friends and let me know how it goes