Wednesday, 12 June 2013

paying tribute

This is one of my many favorite sitcoms and thought it would be more than fitting that one of my first posts would pay tribute to this awesome show.
Aired in 1990, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stars Will Smith. He plays a street smart teen that has to move in with his mothers’ sister and her family in a mansion in Bel-Air. It basically tells a story of how Wills life constantly clashes with his relatives and this new environment.
Fashion constantly repeats itself and I never thought we’d be sporting 90’s Fashion so soon. In tribute of this legendary sitcom I reviewed the cool funky fashion in this show. Proving just how current the late 80’s to 90’s trends are right now.

Will Style: Street Pop culture 
Brocade blazer 

Funky and tribal prints

Snap backs

Plaid Shirt, Tied around the waist

denim on denim

Hilary Style: High Fashion chic 

Houndstooth blazer

Little black dress with sheer sleeves
Halter-neck the gold neck detail
Cut out tube dress
White lace dress

Ashley Style: Urban rebel
Maxi Skirt

African Inspired
Knee high socks and beanie
Leather dress
High wasted black pants with suspenders
Crop top

Carlton Style: Preppy

Paper boy hat
Bow ties
Cricket sweater
khaki pants
big knit cardigan
V-neck vest
pin striped shirt and sweater over the shoulders

Jazz Style : Urban 80's thug

Silk shirts

Brightly colored waist-coat 

Vertical striped sweaters

patterned shirts buttoned up to the collar

Aunt Viv: Classy 
 Chunky accessories

Soft collar shirt

Two-piece suit

This my own interpretation of this style
This Sweater is thrifted and the tights I got in MR.Price

With love, 

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(I do not own the rights to some of these photos)

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