Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Remember remember the month of September

After  spending 3 days in hospital for severe constipation the month of september has taught me that change is constant and the guy I thought I'd never stop loving has become the last thing on my mind. 

Another constantly changing thing is trends, they come and go but some last longer than others. I was really hoping peplum would be gone by now.There are only so many ways this trend can be worn before it starts to look tacky and over done. 

A trend I only just got addicted to is leggings. These skin tight instruments of sin quietly crept into my life. It all started the day I found the perfect high wasted pair of black leggings at pep. Anyone who knows me knows that high waisted anything is my weakness. I was once apart of the skeptical few that judged girls for wearing leggings as pants but once I discovered the graceful way of doing it, my new motto became : ''When in doubt, wear leggings.''


"Say hell no to camel-toe"

 With love, 

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