Thursday, 7 November 2013

.....addicted to retail

This was one of my less inspirational weeks. With exam stress still fresh writing on my blog is a last concern. I today realised how therapeutic it is to spill my beans to you, my faithful reader.
I can't believe its been 3 months and I haven't had the urge to text him. I unfortunately still think about him as evident but more thought of his well being. Breakups are scary and work in phases, I'm at a good place and blogging keeps me busy. 

In other less depressing news in my life my braids are out and for those who don't know I'm a newly natural 4c girl. Ahhh, the struggles of a black girl. Due to being lazy I paid the people at the salon           
N$100 to take out my braids, I then just braided them down for a Cigar and Coiac party on friday and did a twist out on sunday. Now I'm rocking my fro in a hat.

Before: Rocking braids, soft dread (first time)

The handsome man in the stripe shirt is a friend  Jean-Michael Twinplatinumgun. Check out him out sound cloud.

 My hair: Friday
My Hair: Wednesday

Speaking of Wednesday......Outfit post


Denim shirt: Mr Price
Neon Mesh top:Guillotine by Lisa Jaffe
Denim shorts: Mr Price
I own 1 designer piece of clothing and its this top by South African Designer Lisa Jaffe which I even got as a gift. Best believe it'll make another appearance on the blog.

Okay now I dedicate this next song to anyone who relates to the first verse of Kanye West's 'All falls down'. Single black female addicted to retail.


With love,         


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